What Makes
Our Tours Amazing

Christian museum tours at the world's best museums.

We are known for leading educational, engaging, and faith-building tours of the world’s best museums. Here’s the history of our ministry, our mission, and more.

Our Mission and Vision

Christian Museum Tours exists to provide young people and adults alike with faith-building museum experiences around the world. Did you grow up believing museums that teach evolution are off-limits?

Maybe, you thought only certain museums with overtly Christian signage and displays were where you had to go. Well, we are here to show you the world’s best exhibits through the biblical worldview at amazing museums near you, we’ll lead the way!

We see a future where the world’s best institutions, museums, that house God’s amazing creation are fully accessible to Christians like you.

About You, Our Guests

You seek engaging experiences and are happy to pay for educational opportunities that are faith-building. You enjoy learning more about the biblical worldview and seeing Scripture applied to the things of life. There is even a sense of awe and wonder while learning about the things of the Bible.

You are a Christian leader. Whether a father or mother, youth leader, or school teacher, you probably have taken-- or considered taking-- a road trip across the country to experience a Christian museum. Even if you are a grandparent, you will still appreciate our tours because they are local to you.

Now for young people and your families, we understand you may not be able to travel hundreds of miles in your car with the whole gang just to visit a museum every time you want to, and that’s why we have brought Christian Museum Tours to you.

About Us, Your Local Guides

We are known for operating faith-building tours at the world’s best museums. Every tour is educational, engaging, and faith-building and includes fun learning elements, Scripture applied, and is drenched in the biblical worldview. This is not your average Christian tour guide.

New guides train for weeks to become certified and continually take part in professional development to stay on the cutting edge of both Scripture and science.

Your tour is hand-crafted by your own local guide to make sure that you experience God’s world through the lens of God’s Word at the world's best museums.

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