Chicago, Illinois

Christian Museum Tours at the Field Museum.

The Field Museum

Join us in Chicago, where your local guide will lead you through a faith-building adventure of the Field Museum to learn about God's world through the lens of God's Word while hearing captivating stories, engaging in group-based activities, making fun memories, and taking awesome photos.

On your tour, you will enjoy learning more about the biblical worldview.



Chicago Tour Guide

Meet Duane

Duane is a passionate and knowledgeable tour guide specializing in Christian Museum Tours at the esteemed Field Museum in Chicago. With a deep reverence for both God and His Word, Duane intricately brings his tours to life, offering visitors a profound understanding of the biblical worldview.

His engaging storytelling and scholarly insights create a captivating experience, enriching each tour with layers of depth and historical context.

Dedicated to fostering understanding and appreciation, Duane's tours are not merely informative but transformative, leaving a lasting impression on all who embark on this journey through the Field Museum.

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