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What is a Christian Museum Tour?

A Christian Museum Tour provides you with a faith-building journey through the world's best museums as you learn about God's world through the lens of God's Word across the United States of America.

You will enjoy getting to know our certified Christian Museum Tour Guides, visiting with other group members, learning exciting new facts about Scripture and science, as well as have fun playing games and engaging in group activities.


Major Cities Served

Pre-Tour Tour Planning

Your Christian Museum Tour begins with scheduling a call to meet your guide. Everyone wants to make sure that this faith-building experience will encourage you and your group.

Your guide will discuss what to expect, potential activities and exhibit features, any special considerations, and the day’s itinerary.

Faith-Building Tour Experience

On the day of your tour, your guide will start the tour with an introduction to Christian Museum Tours and what you can expect throughout the day. Then your adventure begins through the halls of time, marveling at God’s glory displayed.

In every exhibit you will learn about God’s world through the lens of God’s Word. For example: scientists do not know exactly why whales breach but we know that they do this to bring God glory. Our guides are nerds about how Scripture informs science and even has science written within its pages.

Games & Activities

Not only will you get a faith-building tour at one of the world’s best museum, your group will also enjoy each other’s company because our tour guides help guide you through the museum while having fun playing games that are exciting and memorable as you interact with others in your group.

Continuing throughout the tour, your guide may have another activity or two for you to be part of. Certainly, your museum tour will be engaging and you will leave the museum with fun memories and cool facts.

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