Join Christian Museum Tours as a Guide

Join a team passionate about using the world's best museums to tell others about God's world through the lense of God's Word. Here you can find details about joining Christian Museum Tours as a guide.

Join Our Team

Christian Museum Tours is seeking highly dedicated Christians who have a love for learning and joy to share about Jesus with others at the world's best museums.

Our goal is to get to know you and then figure out if we may be a good fit in working together to bring God glory at the world's best museums. Complete your application today through our partner organization, IAC, to see if you qualify to become a Christian Museum Guide through our training program.

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

We are based in Orlando, Florida with a few dozen volunteers who all work remotely.

Our goal is to help continue making the world's best museums places for educationa, engaging, and faith-buidling experiences.

We are looking for the best candidates who understand and care about:

1. Sharing God's Word
2. Enjoying the beauty of God's world
3. Doing so with excellence
4. Recognizing the worth of this work

How does that sound?

If you are passionate about making God known by pointing others to Him through the beauty of what He has created, then we are a good fit.

What We Can Offer You.

Elevate Your Skills.

Reach Your Community.

Make a Lasting Impact.


Top-Shelf Experiences

Embark on a transformative journey with Christian Museum Tours, where we take pride in crafting top-shelf experiences for individuals aspiring to become exceptional tour guides. Our commitment to excellence is woven into the fabric of our offerings, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching experience.

At Christian Museum Tours, we prioritize the development of our guides through a carefully curated curriculum, designed by hand to impart in-depth knowledge about being a toru guide and conversational apologetics. Our certification processes guarantee that our guides meet the highest standards of expertise and professionalism.

Our training program and tour preparation goes beyond theoretical knowledge, providing practical insights into effective tour guiding techniques. We also work with each tour guide to ensure the well-being of both guides and visitors, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience.

Your development as a professional is at the heart of our program, offering mentorship and resources to empower guides in their roles. By fostering a dynamic learning culture, we help keep our guides at the forefront of their field. In our commitment to staying current with ever-changing museum landscapes, we ensure our guides remain well-informed and adaptable. Join Christian Museum Tours and embark on a journey that not only imparts knowledge but shapes you into an extraordinary guide, ready to lead others in seeing God's world through the lens of God's Word.


Super-charged Marketing and Support

Step into the world of Christian Museum Tours, where our commitment to crafting exceptional guides extends beyond the exhibits and into the realm of super-charged marketing. Brace yourself for a transformative experience that not only equips you with unparalleled expertise but also hones your marketing prowess.

Being a guide with Christian Museum Tours enables you to seamlessly blend traditional and digital marketing, ensuring a comprehensive outreach strategy. Amplify your reach locally as we forge alliances that enhance the visibility of Christian Museum Tours nationally. Catapult your message into the digital sphere, capturing the attention of a diverse and expansive audience. You can even refine your approach, tailoring messages to specific communities and demographics.

Whether staying at the forefront of the industry, captivating audiences with fresh and engaging content, or fine-tuning your approach; leave the science of strategic and impactful marketing to us as you lead tours through the world's best museums.


Professional Development:
Your Pathway to Success

Join us for a fulfilling journey with Christian Museum Tours, where we are dedicated not only to showcasing God's world through the lens of God's Word at the world's best museums but also to nurturing the professional growth of our guides. For those aspiring to become extraordinary tour guides, our commitment extends beyond the exhibits into a realm of comprehensive professional development.

At Christian Museum Tours, guides benefit from a wealth of comprehensive educational resources meticulously curated to deepen their understanding of Christian apologetics and effective guide techniques. Our orientation and annual training programs lay the foundation for success, providing guides with the knowledge and skills needed for an enriching visitor experience.

We provide Guide Starter Kits to ensure that our guides are well-equipped from the start, while our implementation plan guarantees a seamless transition into the world of guiding tours. Mentorship by the experts provide personalized guidance, offering valuable insights and wisdom from seasoned professionals.

Recognizing the dedication of our guides, we offer financial incentives and performance reviews, acknowledging and rewarding excellence. Continuing education and annual recertification programs keep our guides at the forefront of their field, ensuring they stay current with the latest developments in Christian apologetics.

Providing feedback to guides is integral to our approach, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Our commitment to guides extends to the regular updating of resources, keeping them relevant and aligned with the ever-changing landscape of Christian museums.

Community engagement and team-building activities strengthen the bonds among our guides, creating a supportive and collaborative environment. Join Christian Museum Tours and embark on a journey where professional development isn't just encouraged – it's celebrated, ensuring that our guides not only lead tours but also thrive in their roles as ambassadors for Christ at the world's best museums.

Are You Ready?

At Christian Museum Tours, we believe that every guide plays a vital role in shaping the visitor experience, and our application process is designed to identify and nurture individuals who are passionate about this mission. Join us on this exciting journey – your adventure as a Christian Museum Tours guide awaits!

Complete your application today through our partner organization, IAC, to see if you qualify to become a Christian Museum Guide through our training program.